Shiny dress, full of sequins and Christmas lights. I had troubles over the years searching for a perfect sequins dress. I always wanted a dress that would be shiny but would still look good. You know how some dresses are super shiny but the shape or materials are just bad? Well in this case this isn’t true. This dress is really good. And I can’t believe it that it can be bought in Lidl. Heidi Klum did an amazing job, and I know I’m saying that all the time. I really like how the dress is not only black but there is also some blue and silver. The light is reflected beautifully. Wear it with interesting stockings and high heels. You can never go wrong with a party outfit like that. Photos were taken in beautiful Ortenia Apartments in Podčetrtek. Such beautiful interior. I decided to play with some Christmas lights to make everything more fun and festive looking. I have to admit I’m so excited for December this year. Shooting those looks for Lidl, all festive and shiny looking made me want to go to a party or two.

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