I just love road trips. They give you some sort of a freedom while travelling, making possible to stop anywhere, anytime without any real specific time limitations. You don´t have to care about boarding time or when does the next train go. On my last road trip some weeks ago I crossed 8 countries and I went all the way up from Slovenia to Belgium and Netherlands. I will do a separate post including all the informations but first, I´m going to do separate posts sharing best of shots taken during this two week trip. First stop was Salzburg. We started in Izola (Slovenia) early morning so we came to Salzburg before lunch time. We took a walk through the city, admiring architecture, gardens and pretty views, even if the weather wasn´t the best and It was pretty cold for the end of June. From Salzburg we went to Munich and did pretty much the same. Some ice cream and wandering around the streets on Sunday. On the first night of our trip we slept just a bit outside of Munich, since it was more convenient for us than staying in the city centre where we would have to deal with parking if the accommodation wouldn´t provide one. 

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