Have you ever wanted to be fully in jeans? The third collection that Heidi Klum created for Esmara (Lidl). This collection is slightly different from what we are used to from the previous two. It is very jeans like, casual, relaxed, spontaneous. Basically this collection is everything you need for a lazy, waiting to recharge my batteries weekend or week or month, whatever suits you better. I’m super happy that I’m part of the collaboration again and that I had a chance to put my hands on those pieces before they hit stores.

    I really love this casual vibe that this collection has. You know me, give me good jeans, sweater, sneakers and I’m happy for the day. My probably favourite pieces from this collection must be sweaters. The shape, the material, the look, everything is perfect and I love them. You are going to see them a lot since most of the looks are created with them. I told you, it is such a denim collection.

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