Is there a more perfect way to spend a week than in a beautiful cottage, away from everything? A place where you can recharge, read your favourite book without a single care in the world, dip yourself in warm water when it is cold outside, feed deer on a private property, relax in a big tub, cook your favourite meal, breakfast of course haha and just quietly sit by a working fireplace. I doubt there could be anything more perfect for myself for the past week. I got to enjoy in this beautiful cottage in Prekmurje region, Slovenia. The Cottage itself is so spacious, big and open. A true wooden masterpiece. It is warm and cosy. And did I mention, how much I love wood? Even in that aspect it is more than perfect. All I did for a week was being lazy on a sofa, watch favourite tv series cuddled up in a warm blanket, drank my favourite cup of coffee every morning, reread my favourite book and enjoyed some sightseeing around that region that I don’t visit quite often.

    Cottage, Koča na samem, is located literally in the middle of nature, a beautiful forest surrounds the property where the only thing that can wake you up in the morning are birds and first morning sun rays, the village where you can find it, is Berkovci, so you can use your google maps and find it. The whole region is quite flat with some small hills, full of vineyards and beautiful views. The cottage is moved away from everything so it doesn’t really have any neighbours that would check you out on what you`re doing or disturb your peace. The biggest space in the cottage is taken by a huge living room, with a fireplace and a big dining table, fluffy comfy armchairs and spacious sofa full of pillows and blankets. What I loved the most, is that the whole space that living room is, is made of really big windows so it gives this special light and openness to the place. My favourite part of this was having coffee in the early morning just looking out of the windows how everything is awakening before I lightened up the fireplace and made breakfast. Oh, and have I mentioned that there is a full little bookstore in it!? I mean, I can be bought just with that haha. Another favourite thing is the kitchen. The kitchen itself really gives that vintage, rustic vibe which I love. It could not look better. There is also a huge bathroom with a jacuzzi and a shower in it and there is also a big sleeping area located on the first floor of the cottage. The sleeping area is also very open and airy. I really like how there are no unneeded rooms and doors. The whole property is big, spacious and green. You even have an outdoor sauna, small pool and a barbecue place if you want to make an outdoor dinner. And there are deers! And one goat! You can feed them everyday since they provide a bucket of food for them! Such a good thing! The whole place is security protected so there is no need to be scared or worried that something might happen because you are so away.

    I am so thankful that I got to spend some time here. I really recharged and enjoyed it at its fullest. If you are looking for somewhere to escape to, from everyday and live in a fairy tale for some time this might be it! Because this truly is, a fairy tale. It is one of those perfect cottages you can find across Instagram and Pinterest that look so dreamy and cosy. And they decorate it beautifully for holidays season, a Christmas tree, red ribbons and so much more. I guess I will have to go back someday. Right now, I am back in the chaotic everyday life looking back to the photos and memories that really make me miss this place at the end of Slovenia (poetically saying of course, because it really depends on where you are coming from). I only wish that the weather would have been more on my side and that not all mornings would be foggy, buy hey, sometimes you just can´t have everything.

    Thank you, Koča na samem, for having me!

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