Who else is excited about the upcoming hot, summer days? I am more than ready. I think it is partly because I live on the seaside and I’m a jump away from the sea! There are times when I hate the heat, or more than heat I hate the humidity; it’s killing me from time to time. But let’s talk about more important and fun things! The new collection Esmara by Heidi Klum is here! Fun summerish collection full of flirty details, long dresses and beach wearable things. All that crossed my mind when I saw the collection was: Ok, this is so beach ready! Ready for the beach and for those summer walks through cute little seaside towns searching for an ice cream. And as beach ready as it is I took white shorts, already one of my favourite pieces, and green top to the beach. Since the top was matching with my swimsuit anyway. How cute is it? I’m telling you, this collection is going to be another one in line of kick ass collections made by Heidi Klum. So save the date, 18th of June to find all the pieces in Lidl stores.

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