2018! New Year, new beginnings. 365 new chances to laugh, love, admire and try something new. To me, 2017 was amazing but I’m more than ready to rock 2018. I have so many plans, wishes and things I do want to realise. I didn’t make any new year resolutions this year, just trying to keep myself promises from a while ago.

I wish you all Happy New Year. Wishing you health and success. I wish you both, things to be happy and sad about. Because the things which make us sad about make us appreciate happiness even more. But sure, I wish you more happy things than sad ones. May all your problems be left in last year and that you will walk in 2018 with head held high. I wish you to find beauty in everything, that you will be kind and nice. Try to do something good for others, because good things come back. And I wish you to finally realise that small, or big, thing that you are dreaming about for a while now. Be a dreamer and believe in miracles. New year is for new start, for unwritten pages that wait to be filled with adventures and happy life. Call a long lost friend or help mother to cook lunch. Put your phone down for a day and enjoy in a good book. Don’t stress about things you can’t do anything about and don’t spend stressing about things that won’t matter tomorrow. If you like to dance than dance in the rain and try something because you just want to. No matter what others may think.

I wish you happy, the happiest, New Year!

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Here it is, my last look in the Esmara by Heidi Klum series. I have a feeling that this coat is going to be my loyal companion this winter. I seriously adore it. Perfect oversized shape and teddy bear feeling. Basically you can wear it with anything. I’m going to rock it with jeans most of the time and big, really big scarf. Here I wore it with sequin top from this collection and booties that were part of a previous collection by Heidi Klum for Lidl. Did you get anything from the collection?

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I’m crazy enough to carrying my Christmas decoration around to make a perfect “lets celebrate” scene when needed. Champagne included! So much fun. I love Christmas lights and decoration, I’m more like obsessed. I love how things like that light up the space, make it warm, cosy, festive. Is there a person who doesn’t like December?

This dress is another piece I really love in Esmara by Heidi Klum collection. It is shearing a favourite dress spot with the black one (check previous post). I like how this one is tighter and I really like the golden/champagne colour. Perfect for stepping into New Year. Mentioning New Year made me think about my New Years resolutions this year. Do you already know yours?

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Shiny dress, full of sequins and Christmas lights. I had troubles over the years searching for a perfect sequins dress. I always wanted a dress that would be shiny but would still look good. You know how some dresses are super shiny but the shape or materials are just bad? Well in this case this isn’t true. This dress is really good. And I can’t believe it that it can be bought in Lidl. Heidi Klum did an amazing job, and I know I’m saying that all the time. I really like how the dress is not only black but there is also some blue and silver. The light is reflected beautifully. Wear it with interesting stockings and high heels. You can never go wrong with a party outfit like that. Photos were taken in beautiful Ortenia Apartments in Podčetrtek. Such beautiful interior. I decided to play with some Christmas lights to make everything more fun and festive looking. I have to admit I’m so excited for December this year. Shooting those looks for Lidl, all festive and shiny looking made me want to go to a party or two.

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I had a scenary in my head for shooting this outfit. You know when you celebrate New Years eve or anything else in a mountain lodge and you step outside for whatever reason there is? Well, that. I would say fireworks, but you need dark for that. I somehow loved the idea of sequins and a shiny outfit in the whiteness of snow. True, maybe not the brightest idea if there is -10 celsius outside. I really, really hope that there will be snow for the Holidays this year. I miss those times where there was snow for the whole December (and whole winter time for that matter) and it was even more beautiful than it usually is. Christmas and New Year get a whole new meaning if there is white fluffyness outside. I love cold too. Yes, I will complain sometimes that I am freezing but I like it. It is winter, it is supposed to be cold and white. Even the nights are brighter if the light of the moon is reflected in the snow. I always wanted to celebrate New Year in a mountain lodge somewhere high with beautiful decoration outside and with a working fireplace inside. I somehow managed to create that in my head when shooting these in front of a wooden little house I found on my way, looking for a location. Wished I could step into the snow but there was absolutely too much of it and i would probably get stuck. Also, heels … not snow appropriate.

Blazer and top are from Esmara by Heidi Klum collection for Lidl that is hitting the stores today! Blazer is perfection. It is one of those pieces you get to wear if you do not like a whole shiny outfit and you just wear it with another simple colour, like black.

I hope you are ready for the collection and that you have chosen your perfect pieces. I would definitelly say to get dresses, teddy bear coat, this sequin blazer, pencil skirt and a top or two. I know, I know, I just cant focus on only one thing.

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I admit! I was freezing! Of course I had to choose the coldest day there is to shoot these. But! It is December and some things have to be done. Like wearing sequins in daylight. I combined sequins and velvet, the combination is perfection. Both pieces are from Esmara by Heidi Klum collection that are coming to Lidl stores tomorrow. Skirt is another one of my favourite pieces from the mentioned collection. I really like the combination of colours and sequins are really good. Besides, skirt is more a pencil skirt than it is a mini skirt. It is elastic and makes a really good body shape. You can wear it with one of the tops that will be available in the collection or with a simple black long sleeved shirt. It is such a universal piece

I know I am saying this all the time but I really love what Heidi Klum did with this (or previous) collection. I mean, to offer such amazing pieces at that price to people should never go unnoticed.

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Sometimes nothing  beats a comfortable outfit, flat shoes and a big coat to hide from the cold. December is here and so are the low temparatures, snow and freeezing mornings. I usualy lay  a bunch of things to keep me warm. This time I styled this amazing  teddy bear coat which you saw already in a previous post with a shiny top in a beautiful dark red colour, scarf and some jeans with ankel booties. The town at the time has been decorated in lights and everywhere was a  smell of cooked vine and sweets. It really gets you in a Christmas, festive mood. December is my favourite time of the year. I just love how people seem happier and how everything is so bright and lovable. I took this coat and my »I do not know why I have not worn them yet« booties out for a stroll around the town and for a morning cake. Because everything is alowed in December.

I love how the collection is wearable during the night and also during the day time. You can easly play with endless combinations. No one says that shine is reserved only for long nights out, you just have to combine it right and use the right accessories. You can recreate a simple festive outfit that is more than appropriate for a morning coffee with friends or a glamorous style ready to hit the party.

Collection is coming tomorrow and you simply have to get your hands on some pieces.

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Here it is! Second collection designed by Heidi Klum for Lidl (Esmara by Heidi Klum). I am not going to tell you again how awesome it is that someone like Heidi designs fashionable clothes that are afordable to everyone. This collection is everything you need for the upcoming festive December. It is full of sparkle. Colours are gold and black and they scream, take us out for a party stroll. I have quite a few favourite pieces in this collection which you are going to see in next posts. But here, can we speak for a second about this coat!? This coat is pretty much everything this season.Teddy bear style is so in this winter and you can´t miss having this one in your wardrobe. I have been living in this coat since I got it and I have to admit I am in love with it. It is warm and cozy. It can be worm for pretty much any occasion. I combined it with a sparkly skirt and simple black. I decided not to go for heels for this look but I opted for a simple black over the knee boots.

I have spent years searching for perfect December pieces and now Heidi Klum for Esmara by Lidl made that possible. I am in love, and you will be too. The pieces look like they were taken from a runway. I mean, if you need something that will put you in the centre of a party attention, this is it. Every single piece is made for standing out of the crowd. December is for standing out, it is made to shine and to be festive. This collection is everything above and so much more.

The collection will be available in all Lidl stores from 4th of December.

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One of my favourite spots up there. I’ve never been a big fan of mountains but I have to admit that I never even gave them a chance. Sure, I’m not going to be a mountaineer or something but I was convinced by breath taking views that mountains offer. These were taking on Mangartsko Sedlo, to here lead the highest mountain road in Slovenia.

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