I know this post is super late. Sorry for that … Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I have fallen for this city the second I stepped on the street in front of our hotel. The culture, the vibe, people and of course food and coffee. A mixture of perfection and of all the things I really like. The city that is lively and loud during evenings turn into a peaceful colourful creation on the early Sunday morning. Adorable old coffee shops which you have a feeling that have been there for years and years are greeting you on every corner. Hundreds of stores selling accessories needed to prepare a perfect Bosnian coffee. I had no idea that this city would get me this much, I have always wanted to visit it and now I want to go back as soon as possible. The warmth of Bosnian people and their pride of the culture is overwhelming. When I told my grandma I’m going to visit this city she was all excited, telling me a bunch of things I had to see and visit. She has many memories of this city since she was exiled here with her family as a child during the war.

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