2018! New Year, new beginnings. 365 new chances to laugh, love, admire and try something new. To me, 2017 was amazing but I’m more than ready to rock 2018. I have so many plans, wishes and things I do want to realise. I didn’t make any new year resolutions this year, just trying to keep myself promises from a while ago.

    I wish you all Happy New Year. Wishing you health and success. I wish you both, things to be happy and sad about. Because the things which make us sad about make us appreciate happiness even more. But sure, I wish you more happy things than sad ones. May all your problems be left in last year and that you will walk in 2018 with head held high. I wish you to find beauty in everything, that you will be kind and nice. Try to do something good for others, because good things come back. And I wish you to finally realise that small, or big, thing that you are dreaming about for a while now. Be a dreamer and believe in miracles. New year is for new start, for unwritten pages that wait to be filled with adventures and happy life. Call a long lost friend or help mother to cook lunch. Put your phone down for a day and enjoy in a good book. Don’t stress about things you can’t do anything about and don’t spend stressing about things that won’t matter tomorrow. If you like to dance than dance in the rain and try something because you just want to. No matter what others may think.

    I wish you happy, the happiest, New Year!

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